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Back to Babylon: One Last Dance to the Abyss

In collaboration with Koffler Arts, the Art of Time Ensemble are heading back to the Weimar era for one of their final shows. We spoke to the ensemble’s director Andrew Burashko about his journey into the legendary “human swamp of unfettered sexual desire.”
by Patrick Pittman /

Good Things to Come

Sometimes, it's worth taking a moment to look forward, at all the good things in our future. A selection of picks for the art worth looking forward to in 2024.
by Arcade /

The Shop Where Texture Reigns Supreme

From its origins as a pop-up shop in 2018, 100% Silk has quickly grown into a beloved fixture of the Toronto clothing scene for its obsessive attention to textures and a style that marries sustainability with avant-garde luxury.
by Tatum Dooley /