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A Portrait in Search of a Self

Does a dream house imply a dream self? Linda Besner, hunting for a home, considers how the photography used in listings serves as a malleable, market-driven form of portraiture.
by Linda Besner /

An Inconvenient Place

Despite the deliberate erasures of Soviet historiography, the site of the massacres at Babyn Yar reveals a story spanning several eras of Ukrainian history—though mostly by examining how that story was allowed to be told.
by Anna Medvedovska /

The Naked Pool

At the intersection of the public and private, the clothed and unclothed, the swimming pool has long been a favoured motif among artists and writers. But as fall settles in, what about the months when it's closed? Who are the artists of the drained pool?
by Linda Besner /

Thoughts for the Aftermath

Jacqueline Rose’s new collection of essays navigates our present chaos with help from those who thought their way through the calamities of the last century.
by Patrick Pittman /