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Beyond the Landfill of Images

Experimental filmmaker Midi Onodera talks with Arcade about her early adoption and explorations of new technologies, how art making in Toronto has changed, and what the glut of media images might be doing to us.
by Tatum Dooley /

Recording Time and Transformation in the City

Recording Time and Transformation in the City

The work of photographer of Vid Ingelevics, currently showing in the group show DECADE at Koffler Arts, documents moments of civic transformation with surprising intimacy.
by Tatum Dooley /
How to Look at the Moon: Wanda Koop’s Phases of Knowing

How to Look at the Moon: Wanda Koop’s Phases of Knowing

Evan Nicole Brown reflects on the interruptions to the natural world at the heart of Wanda Koop’s current solo exhibition in Los Angeles, Objects of Interest.
by Evan Nicole Brown /
When the Scapegoat Is a Girl, Not a Country

When the Scapegoat Is a Girl, Not a Country

Toronto author Tamara Faith Berger talks with Arcade about her latest novel, Yara, the different lenses on Jewish diasporic identity, and the malleability of language.
by Claire Foster /

Back to Babylon: One Last Dance to the Abyss

In collaboration with Koffler Arts, the Art of Time Ensemble are heading back to the Weimar era for one of their final shows. We spoke to the ensemble’s director Andrew Burashko about his journey into the legendary “human swamp of unfettered sexual desire.”
by Patrick Pittman /

An Art Show for a Building and a Moment

A preview of the upcoming exhibition DECADE, opening in February, which celebrates ten years of art making at Artscape's hub on Shaw Street in Toronto.
by Tatum Dooley /

Good Things to Come

Sometimes, it's worth taking a moment to look forward, at all the good things in our future. A selection of picks for the art worth looking forward to in 2024.
by Arcade /
Arcade 05 — December 2023
Arcade 04 — November 2023

Filling in the Gaps of Family Memory

From his talk at the Koffler Gallery, visual artist Rafael Goldchain on his photographic series I Am My Family and how its approach to simulation as a means of commemoration represents a “double gesture towards the past”—an attempt to both recuperate and interrogate history.
by Rafael Goldchain /

An Inconvenient Place

Despite the deliberate erasures of Soviet historiography, the site of the massacres at Babyn Yar reveals a story spanning several eras of Ukrainian history—though mostly by examining how that story was allowed to be told.
by Anna Medvedovska /
Arcade 03 — October 2023

A Flare Amidst the Rubble

In our first instalment of “Stopped in My Tracks”, a new series in which a contributor reflects on a life-altering encounter with an artwork, Carly Lewis discovers a sense of regeneration in Judit Reigl’s Guano.
by Carly Lewis /
Arcade 02 — September 2023

The Naked Pool

At the intersection of the public and private, the clothed and unclothed, the swimming pool has long been a favoured motif among artists and writers. But as fall settles in, what about the months when it's closed? Who are the artists of the drained pool?
by Linda Besner /

Preserving the Past During Wartime

An interview with Oleksiy Makukhin, CEO of the Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center, on how Russia's invasion of Ukraine has disrupted the centre's activities and forced it to question its approach to memorialization.
by Chris Frey /
Arcade 01 — August 2023